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The Green Corner started its operations by collecting funds from friends and families. We started with small events such as Tree Plantation, and Sit and Draw competition for children etc. at the outset. So, arranging for funds was the primary requirement and we collected it from our parents and salaried friends who were willing to supports us. However, as we proceeded further in our endeavours, we learnt about the areas of improvement that need our intervention during our field visits to local villages where we witnessed the pains of children in distress. To address their needs and to empower their lives, we have adopted a village, named ‘Kumarpukur’, situated in Eastern Kolkata, in terms of involving children in recreational activities, thereby providing an atmosphere of hope and thoughtful enthusiasm among them.

Our events and activities have a direct impact on lives of those children, as they love to mingle with our volunteers, they find inspiration from our lives, from the tales of education that we share with them, and they love to participate in the events that nurture their creative and intellectual potential. Therefore, we now have diverse dimensions in our operations that require your help and support.

You can help us in many ways such as: (1) Inviting your friends to join you in volunteering,(2) Visiting the village, for regular monitoring of Projects, (3) Get sponsors to fund our Projects, (4) Participating in organizing the many Events we conduct, (5) Technological assistance in conducting our day-to-day operations, (6) Preparing balance sheets and audit reports on yearly basis, (6) Sharing innovative ideas dedicated towards our vision, etc.